Village Resident Turns 100

Ceil Adams celebrated her 100th Birthday on October 21, a couple of weeks before her actual birthday cards started rolling in from as far as California and Canada.  It just goes to show how many lives Ceil has touched in 100 years. She was hoping to get at least 100 cards for this momentous occasion. She exceeded that with over 200.

On Saturday, October 19, her nine kids and their spouses planned a birthday party at Bootleggers for her.  Guests were greeted by an 8-foot tall birthday cake displayed outside. Inside, long-time friends (from as far as Oregon and Texas) congratulated Ceil on her momentous occasion. Some said it felt like a wedding, minus the polkas and chicken soup. She was thrilled with all who came. The Village of Amherst gave her a proclamation for her accomplishment, and Father Dan of St. James gave her a birthday blessing during Sunday mass.

Ceil has seen many changes in the course of a century. Living without electricity, hand washing clothes, and the first (black and white) television.  All things her great grandkids are in awe over. Ceil has always had a big heart in her kindness to others. From cousins to neighbors there was always room for more at the dinner table. To this day she welcomes guests into her home and is the most gracious host, saying “would you like a glass of wine?”

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