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by Wendy Wolfe

Just off Main Street, at 156 Jungers Street in downtown Amherst, you’ll find a service most homeowners need at some point. I sat down with Dave Bach of Tomorrow River Repair and discovered one more reason everything we need is right here in our neighborhood.

Bach, the sole owner/repair wizard at Tomorrow River Repair began working there in 1998 when it was still part of OK Hardware. Back then, it was OK Hardware Small Engine Repair and Rentals, and he was an employee. In 2012, OK Hardware decided to get out of the small engine repair business and move the rental portion of their business to the Main Street location. As Bach said, “I never would have been able to do this without the support of the Olson family. I knew nothing about running a business. But with their support, I’ve been able to run this successfully for eight years. Even now, I rely on the hardware store for parts on an almost daily basis. They’re like family to me.” The Olson family’s encouragement of his success demonstrates the supportive community we live in.

When Bach took over the small engine repair portion of the business, he was able to work close to his home and children. Though none of his three (now adult) children work in the business with him, he shared that they were excited for his new venture and came up with the business name and logo.

The business tends to be seasonal and weather dependent. In the spring, when the grass begins to turn green, people from Amherst, Plover, Stevens Point, Iola, Scandinavia and Rosholt bring their mowers (both push and riding mowers), weed whackers, garden tillers and other equipment in for tune-ups so they can get their chores done with ease.

In the winter, he typically works on many ice augers. Bach explained this winter has been a bit slow for augers due to the freeze, thaw, snow, rain, and freeze again winter we have been experiencing. It has not been a good year for ice fishing, hence not as many ice auger repairs.

He has regular customers who come in before the snows fly to get their snow blowers tuned up and ready for whatever comes. Of course, some people come later when the equipment fails. That was the case when I was meeting with him. Bob Zimbauer came by with a snow blower that wasn’t doing its job. Though Zimbauer was able to drop his blower off , Bach can pick up and deliver equipment for a small fee. He only occasionally works on ATV’s and snowmobiles these days as they continue to become more computerized making it more efficient for customers to have them done by specialists.

In addition to those items mentioned above, Bach repairs generators, pressure washers, kerosene heaters, air compressors and more. He also does chain sharpening, blade sharpening, trailer repair, welding and minor metal fabrication, and non-automotive tire repair. If you ever purchased something from Lowes that needed warranty work, Bach’s doing that as well (except for John Deere).

Tomorrow River Repair is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. Contact Bach at 715-824-3735 or visit Tomorrow River Repair on FaceBook.

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