Toelle Classroom at TRCCS

The Tomorrow River Community Charter Schools (TRCCS) have been working on strategies for expansion over the past seven years with the understanding that it will run out of space for classrooms at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station (CWES), a field station of the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP). TRCCS is excited to announce that it has now been granted the opportunity to have its full school located at CWES, grades Pre Kindergarten through 8th grade. This will include a new 7th grade classroom and the addition of two classroom yurts and a new outdoor playspace for its Early Childhood students.

Toelle Classroom Collaborative: The TRCCS Community, in collaboration with Mid-State Technical College, Blenker Construction and the Amherst High School are working together to build a modular classroom in honor of Mr. Michael Toelle. This classroom will house the rising TRCMS 7th grade students. Mr. Toelle played a huge role in the existence of the TRCCS. He helped in starting the school and served as the principal for six years, supporting the schools as they developed and grew. He continually worked to grow community understanding and enthusiasm for the charter schools. He deeply cared about education and our community; he showed up every day with compassion, energy and always a smile. Every person that he encountered could feel this passion. All of our lives are a bit emptier without him, and we hope that this classroom will help us to remember him for many years to come.

TRCCS Needs: $80,000

● New classroom to house the rising 7th grade students

● Outdoor classroom space for experiential learning

● Removal of leased modular classroom building


● Memorial of Michael Toelle who dedicated his life to the education of youth

● Opportunity for partnership within the community

● Opportunity for high school students to have an impact and learning opportunity in building a classroom for younger students

● Opportunity for college students to get practical and meaningful experience

Expansion Timeline

Fall/Winter 2019/20

○ Classroom structure built by Amherst high school students with the support of Blenker Construction

○ Installation of electrical by Mid-State students during their Winterim Building Fundamentals Class

Spring 2020

○ Move the two halves of the classroom to their home at CWES

Summer 2020

○ Completion of the building project by contractor and volunteers

■ Siding, decks, roofing, flooring, wallcovering, windows and doors

● Fall 2020

○ Students move in!

● What is next?

○ After the completion of the first cabin in the summer of 2020, the team would like to build two more classrooms. One will house the 8th graders for the 2021/22 school year. The building that will be ready for the 2022/23 school year would house an additional grades classroom that is currently in a basement.

Yurts For Our Youth: The installation of two yurts and a new playspace will come this spring for its two Early Childhood classrooms, these are currently housed in a modular building that will be returned. This includes bringing in electricity, preparing the site, building decks and purchasing the yurts.

Our Needs: $150,000

● Two yurts to house pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students

● Early Childhood outdoor playspace that will facilitate TRCCS’s nature-based curriculum

● Decks that will create outdoor learning spaces for the students

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