Tap Talks Features Raptor Presentation

The Tap Talks series of public presentations at Central Waters Brewery kicks off the New Year on January 19 with a 4 p.m. presentation by Dr. Robert Rosenfield. “Cooper’s Hawks: a huntsman back from the brink of extinction and thriving!” will draw on Dr. Rosenfield’s now 40-year continuing study of breeding Cooper’s Hawks in Wisconsin along with decades of collaboration with others studying Cooper Hawks elsewhere in North America.

This crow-sized raptor was counted out in the last century by many birders and scientists due mostly to the ill effects of shooting pressure, logging, and insecticide poisoning. What a grand irony that this traditionally well-regarded forest species is now exhibiting its highest nesting densities in cities where fragmented landscapes and presence of people are extreme. Sunday’s talk will cover the natural history of this North American bird of prey and will highlight in Wisconsin its unusually high level of breeding promiscuity and its population response to climate change. A live great Horned Owl used in Dr. Rosenfield’s hawk research will also be on hand.

Dr. Robert Rosenfield is a Professor of Biology at UWSP where he teaches Ecology, Ornithology, and Raptor Ecology. He also has made 20 expeditions to Greenland to study the nesting ecology of the Peregrine Falcon.

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