Simple Seasonal Gourmet – Jack O’Lantern Bowls


by Eleonore Hebal

October is a wonderful month to create fun, sweet treats for your friends and family. I came across this gem while I was searching for spooky, but not too spooky, recipes to make with my two young sons. As soon as the little jack o’lantern picture popped up on, I knew this was it. The combination of chocolate and balloons is hard to beat when attempting to entertain small children for the afternoon. Then I thought of all the amazing things we could fill the chocolate pumpkins with: ice cream, mousse, whipped cream, fresh fruit …

This recipe calls for orange food coloring, which can be substituted with carrot juice (a dark orange color can be achieved if you boil down the juice to make a thick concentrate), to create a more natural, healthier option. The chocolate may also be melted in a microwave, using a microwave-safe bowl, in 30-second intervals. I recommend using a double boiler on the stove. May your families enjoy this recipe as much as mine! Happy Halloween!


3 cups white chocolate chips

Orange food coloring

4 balloons

Melted chocolate chips (transferred to pastry/piping bag or a ziplock bag with a small hole cut in the corner)

Ice cream

Orange and black sprinkles


  1. Inflate 4 small balloons to desired size. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.
  2. Pour white chocolate chips into a large pot and add 4 to 5 drops orange food coloring. Melt chocolate over medium heat, frequently stirring. Once melted, remove from heat and let the chocolate cool enough (while frequently stirring), so that the heat doesn’t pop the balloons.
  3. Working one at a time, dip the bottom of each balloon into the chocolate, rolling it around to make sure all sides are evenly coated. Transfer to parchment paper lined baking sheet to set for at least 1 hour. Repeat to make 3 more bowls.
  4. Once the bowls are set, carefully pipe jack-o-lantern faces with the melted chocolate. Let set another 5 minutes.
  5. Pop balloons and remove them from the bowls. Scoop ice cream inside and serve immediately.

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