Shaw, Toftum Named Directors Emeriti at Tomorrow River Scholarship Foundation

by Jake Barnes

Long-time Tomorrow River Scholarship Foundation board members Patricia Shaw and Barbara Toftum were recently named directors emeriti at a recent board meeting, according to George Kraft, current president. Both Shaw and Toftum served on the board in excess of 20 years each and were instrumental in the overall growth of the foundation from its inception in 1994 to over $1.5 million as of December 31, 2019.

For Shaw, who retired in 2018, the foundation brings back many fond memories.

“The gratitude of the recipients and the parents was especially rewarding to see,” she said. “We had so many appreciative students, and it was really nice to connect with many of them as they started their pursuit of higher education.”

Shaw, along with her husband Bob, have sponsored a scholarship for many years and were able to watch the recipients of their scholarship advance forward.

Toftum also retired in 2018 and oversaw the scholarship recipient selection process. A tireless worker, she would match applicants to the individual scholarships based upon the criteria selected by the donor. “The overall generosity, for a community this size, was astounding,” she said. “To have over 80 scholarships being awarded in recent years was incredible.”

In addition, in looking back, Toftum noted “how many of our scholarship recipients have really gone on to prestigious positions in a wide variety of fields. I was continually impressed by what they had become.”

TRSF board members Shaw and Toftum both served on a volunteer basis, as do all board members. Each put in countless hours making sure all aspects of the foundation functioned smoothly. The current TRSF board wishes to thank them for their long service to the community.

Shaw and Toftum join fellow long-time board members Terry Anderson and Butch Pomeroy as directors emeriti for the foundation.

Commencing with an initial donation of $50,000 and two scholarships in 1994-95, the foundation will award 90 scholarships in 2020.

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