Sciortino’s Amherst Café to Reopen as Fleming’s Café

Above, left to right: Volunteers who helped with the initial demolition included Paul Tornow (ladder), Kim­berly Pingel, Miranda Pingel, Sue Groshek, Casey Groshek, Holly Hurda, Charity Uhl, Owen Pingel, Rich­ard Wells, Jean Schwirtz, and MaryAnn Wells.

On July 19, a group of family and friends helped deconstruct the former Sciortino’s Amherst Café on Main Street to prepare for a remodel.

A new and yet old restaurant, Fleming’s Café, is scheduled to open up this fall. This new café will bring the building back to the Fleming family, which opened as a restaurant in 1954.

Keep your eyes peeled for an open sign in the next few months, and save some room for a slice of delicious pie!

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