Russ and Linda Schroeder: People of the Year: 2017

“We like what we do, we love where we are, and we’re grateful for our good and loyal staff.” So said Russ Schroeder who, along with his wife, Linda, were recently selected as Persons of the Year.

They were nominated by Mike and Julie Juris, who told us, “For many, many years, they have supported the spectrum of community organizations in the Tomorrow River area well as numerous causes and events with generous donations, discounts, or even the use of their store space or parking lot.

“Although a list of those they have helped would be extensive, we also wish to recognize that Russ and Linda have personally gone beyond what one might expect in scheduling their time, their efforts and their availability to assist the specific needs of these community organizations and events. Whether it is the organizations involved at the Amherst Fair, the Scouts, the Lions and Lionesses, or various church and school groups, we believe their efforts are often integral to the success of the events within our community.

“We are also aware of their efforts to support and assist those with limited access to shop within our community … often providing help to do the actual shopping and then the delivery of these items for those unable to do so. In addition, Russ and Linda have often provided the first real employment experiences for countless young people within our community, working around the various school and extra-curricular schedules of these teens, while promoting communication and business skills that they can build on in the future.

“Open and friendly, generous and reliable, positively impacting the members of our community: we request that you consider Russ and Linda for People of the Year 2017.”

And while it was reportedly a tough choice, amongst many deserving nominees, in the end the committee did happily select the Schroeders.

Russ had worked at Amherst Family Foods for ten years, and Linda was working at Riverside Medical in Waupaca (where they lived), before he and Linda purchased it from Don & Jan Spierings, in 1999. The Spierings stayed on to help out for a number of years afterwards, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Schroeders have since moved to Amherst Junction.

Congratulations Russ and Linda! We’re very happy to have you here, and we’re so grateful for all that you do for this community!

The Schroeders join an impressive list of previous winners of the award that includes: Mark Olson in 2004; Don Aylesworth in 2005, Hans and Jane Suomi in 2006, Rich Stuczynski in 2007, Shelly Platten in 2008, Janet Glodowski in 2009, Ken and Barb Konkol in 2010, Connie Pitt in 2011, Aralda Bell in 2012, Terry Anderson in 2013, Butch Sommers in 2014, Jake Barnes in 2015, and Nina Cass in 2016.

Editor’s Note:

The Spirit received many noteworthy nominations this year, and the decision was a challenging one. Everyone should feel free to re-submit nominees for the 2018 selection.

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