Presentation on Historic Amherst Houses at Amherst Inn

Yesterday on the Tomorrow: Old Houses of Amherst is being presented by Wendell Nelson, February 20 at 7 p.m. at the historic Amherst Inn. The lecture is being hosted by the Tomorrow River Valley Historical Society and interested persons are welcome to attend.

Wendell Nelson was born in California in 1941, and grew up in Alexandria, Minnesota. In 1963, Nelson graduated from St. Cloud (Minnesota) University, with majors in English and history. He received his M.A. degree in English literature from Southern Illinois University in 1966, and completed the coursework for a Ph.D. in American Studies (American literature major, American history minor) at Washington State University.

Nelson taught English full-time at Winona (Minnesota) State University from 1966-68, and at the UW-Stevens Point from 1971 to 77. He also worked in six hospitals – to pay his school expenses – including at St. Michael's Hospital Emergency Room in Stevens Point, from 1978 to 83.

He began working in the Portage County Public Library in 1987, in the Children's Department, and moved to the Adult Reference Department in 1991. Nelson moved with the library to 1001 Main Street in Stevens Point, and continues to work there, 30 years later.

As soon as he moved to Stevens Point in 1971, he began taking photos of old houses, and doing research in the history of Portage County. He has taught his class in Old Houses of Central Wisconsin many times around the region, written many historical articles in area newspapers, and published 13 books, most of them on Stevens Point and Portage County history. Nelson has several more books underway. He is also a consultant in historic architecture.

The George W. Fleming house at 267 North Main Street, built in 1917.


The Dr. George E. Dusenbury house at 236 Wilson Street, built in 1904.


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