Peace Lutheran Church Quilting

by Muriel Spierings

On Sunday, October 20, worshippers at Peace Lutheran Church in Amherst were treated to the sight of this year’s work done by a group of dedicated members of The Do Group. Those who were working at home to cut and sew enough fabric to create 60 x 60-inch quilt tops were Sue Groshek, Kelly Everson, MarryAnn Wells, Kathy Bleske, and Lori Carlson. The tops were then taken to church where Ellen Dell, Melba Carey, Kathy Lorsung, Jan Calvey, and Carol Lea met every Wednesday to put together bottom sheets, liners, and tie on the beautiful tops to complete 180 quilts. Carol Lea took each one home to sew around the edges.

After the church service that Sunday, the quilts were boxed to ship to New York. Along with them, school kits, layettes, knitted sweaters, diapers, sleepers, and t-shirts that were made by other members of The Do Group were included. All of this and more will arrive in war-torn countries or those hit by natural disasters. Some of the quilts stay in the U.S. for places in need.

A project such as this depends on many hands and donations from the parish and community to keep the mission work going. They accept donations of used sheets, flannel sheets, blankets, mattress pads, bedspreads, and new fabric. All donations are greatly appreciated. Please keep them in mind as you weed through your closets and storage spaces. Call any of the above-mentioned members for more information.

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