Nominations Now Open for the 2019 Person of the Year, Junior Person of the Year and Business/Organization of the Year

Photo: Russ and Linda Schroeder, owners of Amherst Family Foods, last year's recipient of the Business of the Year Award.

We say it over and over, year after year. And we’ll say it again this year. The Tomorrow River area has always been a great place to live and it’s because there are so many wonderful people that donate their time, talents, and resources to local organizations and programs. Oftentimes, these people go unrewarded for their efforts. Once again, we are asking you to help us by nominating a person or business/organization in our community that you feel is deserving of special recognition. Last year, the Jensen Community Center and Community Spirit created two new awards and we are happy to present all three awards again for 2019. As always, the awards will be chosen by the Amherst Area Foundation Board of Directors. Awards will be announced in the October issue of the Community Spirit and presented in person at the Jensen Community Center Sponsor Breakfast on October 18.

Person of the Year

The “Person of the Year” award was established by the Community Spirit in 2004 to honor individuals who go the extra mile by generously donating their time, talents and resources to local organizations and programs. Previous Person of the Year awards have gone to: 2004 – Mark Olson, 2005 – Don Aylesworth, 2006 – Hans and Jane Suomi, 2007 – Rich Stuczynski, 2008 – Shelly Platten, 2009 – Janet Glodowski, 2010 – Ken and Barb Konkol, 2011 – Connie Pitt, 2012 – Aralda Bell, 2013 – Terry Anderson, 2014 – Butch Somers, 2015 – Jake Barnes, 2016 – Nina Cass, 2017 – Russ and Linda Schroeder, and 2018 – Ed Haebig.

Junior Person of the Year

The “Junior Person of the Year” award was created to honor a person aged 18 or younger. This award recognizes a young member of the Tomorrow River community who makes a positive impact on the lives of others. They inspire their peers to be productive and positive community members. This person should demonstrate qualities of leadership, giving, and community spirit. Last year, the inaugural “Junior Person of the Year” award was presented to Ben Villnow.

Business/Organization of the Year

This award was created to recognize a business or organization in our area that has made a positive impact on the Tomorrow River community through economic impact or social support of the community. This nominee must operate in our community, giving generously of themselves and/or staff in time and resources in the community. Last year, the first “Business of the Year” award was presented to the International Bank of Amherst.

Please help us by submitting a nomination for an individual/s that you believe to be deserving of recognition. Nominations will be accepted through September 1, 2019. Please send your nomination (for Person of the Year, Junior Person of the Year, and/or Business/Organization of the Year) in a letter of 250 words or less explaining why your nominee is deserving of each award to or drop off at the Jensen Community Center during normal business hours. We urge those who nominated people in the past to nominate them again this year. One of our previous years’ runners-up may very well be this year’s winner! Thank you for taking the time to help us recognize some outstanding people in our community.

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