MREA’s Annual Energy Fair Cancelled

The 31st Annual Energy, organized by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, now located in Custer, and originally scheduled for June 26 through June 28, has been cancelled due to concern over the COVID-19 virus.

Instead of the usual informative celebration of sustainable living, those at MREA are encouraging fans to look into Rise Up Midwest! Rise Up Midwest! is creating a coalition of organizations across the Midwest to commit to common belief statements which work together to create positive and lasting investments in renewable energy and widespread employment opportunities across the Midwest.

Following is the public release from MREA’s Executive Director, Nick Hylla.

Dear MREA Supporter and Friend,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well.

As you are aware, COVID-19 and the virus that causes it have upended lives across the globe over the past month. The impacts are staggering, including record U.S. unemployment claims as many main street businesses and global industries deal with the human tragedy and required mitigation efforts. Many of us, our family members, friends, employers, and favorite businesses are experiencing emotional and economic difficulties.

Indeed, we find ourselves in a challenging time.

We are writing to you because we have been working together for the last 30 years to transition our energy economy to a local, clean, resilient, and advantageous system that provides the greatest possible benefit to people and planet.

This year will be no different, but it will happen without the Energy Fair.

As we hit the pause button on the Energy Fair, we are redirecting all of our resources and leveraging all of our programs and partners to a regional call to action, Rise Up Midwest!,

We see a critical need for state, local, and electric utility leadership throughout the Midwest to expand current programs, remove market barriers, and advance policies that facilitate the widespread deployment of energy efficiency and distributed energy resources to boost local investment, business growth, employment, and energy resiliency in rural and urban areas throughout the Midwest. We believe in the people of the Midwest and the places we live in and love.

We ask you to join us in this call to action.

At this critical time and with a limited window of opportunity, we believe that focusing our efforts on advancing “Main Street” clean energy investments will be of greatest service to our members, supporters, and neighbors.

We will continue to work with, support, and collaborate with the Energy Fair’s many supporters during this challenging time. We would like to thank all the individuals and businesses that put time, thought, and effort into the planning of the 31st Annual Energy Fair as well as the Central Wisconsin community who has supported us for so many years. With your continued help, we look forward to growing clean energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest for many years to come.

In the meantime, my friends, take care, be kind, be supportive, and look to the future. Our time is now. Rise up Midwest! 

MREA Executive Director,

Nick Hylla

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