Milo Graham Experiences Early Morning Hunting

Milo Graham spent the first day of deer hunting getting ready for future outings. He and his brother, Sonny, joined their father Paul Graham concealed on their property in their blind. “I had to learn to be very quiet, calm, and collected. My brother and I usually are fighting and making noise but in the blind it was very serious,” said Milo.

“The truth is the kids were great. And what an opportunity to talk and learn, even if it was in a whisper.” Paul said.

When asked about field dressing the harvested deer, Milo said, “It was a little weird because I never saw that stuff before but I got over that and was able to see how it was done.” He closed by saying, “I sure like eating venison”

“We got up at 5:30, and it was pretty cold. But it was exciting and we learned a lot. Next year I will be hunting. I really want to be an archer, but that will take time.”

Clearly, this family event was one of those great outdoor opportunities that are so wonderful here in the rolling hills of central Wisconsin. With that will come great memories and stories to tell around some future fire.

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