March Thank You

The month of February flew by with a number of fun events here and a lot of work making the Jensen Community Center a wonderful and inviting place. We are so thankful for all the generous people in our community who help us make it all happen.

We have completed the updating of our large Community Room. Thank you to Mike Gaul, Lon Gunderson, Todd Hornick and our very own Chris Pehoski for tearing down wallpaper, putting up bead board, spraying the texture, and repainting the entire room. And thanks again to Jen Haas for her help in picking out paint colors. The room looks fabulous!

Thank you to our volunteers who helped with our Polka dance with Richie Yurkovich on Saturday, February 8, which included Dale Dose, Rachel Wright and Keith LaBarre, Sandra Lynne Schmutzler, Tammy Hunter, Norman Groshekm, and Jeff Konkol.

Our free movie in February was The Addams Family. Thank you to Ashley Bannach and her kids for helping us sell popcorn. Mark your calendars for the next free movies on March 15: Frozen II and April 5: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Our 2nd annual Bean Bag Tournament was another great success, all due to our sponsors and our volunteers. Thank you to our raffle basket sponsors, including Clear Water Harbor, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Falcon One Stop, the Green Bay Packers, OK Hardware, Stevens Point Honda, Kwik Trip, Feltz Dairy Store, Ray Konkol, UWSP Pointers, Milwaukee Bucks, Fletcher’s Jewelry, Tomorrow River Homestead, Amherst Marine, Ruby Coffee Roasters, Artha Organics, Chop Shop Barbershop, Angie’s Celestial Palette, Chris Pehoski, Marie App, Skyward, Silver Lake Lanes, Central Waters Brewing Company, International Bank of Amherst, Neuville Motors, H.H. Hinder Brewing Company, Vickie Vaughn, Sandra Lynne Schmutzler, Wayne Orthwein, Mike Richie, Tom Pease and Jerry Riederer. And thank you to our volunteers for the day who worked hard and had a blast: Dale Dose, Barry Thompson, Norman Groshek, Kim Beaudoin, Chelsea Graham, Tom Pease, Rick Hollin, David Wright, A.J. Zanella, Kelly Loken, Jeff Konkol, Vickie Vaughan and Shannon Miller. We had such a fun day and are already looking forward to 2021. Save the date for Saturday, March 6, 2021 for our 3rd annual Bean Bag Tournament!

We hope you have a wonderful month of March. Remember to sign your children up for our Youth Soccer Program by March 15. And think SPRING!

Mariah Singer-Brown, Associate Director

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