Jensen Center Youth Soccer Program To Begin April 23


by Brent Frankenhoff

Executive Director, Jensen Community Center

With more than 200 children from pre-K through 8th grade enrolled in the Jensen Community Center’s Youth Soccer program, we’re moving forward for 2019 with a few changes to the program’s usual structure.

First off, due to the weather, we’re going to start play on April 23 rather than April 11. The following Tuesday, April 30, will be the make-up date for the April 13 matches. The remainder of the season, weather and field permitting, will be played on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings as usual, beginning April 25 and ending May 18 with an ice cream social following the playoffs. A full schedule will be sent to all parents in early April.

As for where we’re playing, excavation on the Falcon Pride Project has left us with limited field space near the Jensen Center. At this time, it appears that Field A on the north end of the school playground and the Jensen Center’s west lawn will be available, along with fields in and around the Amherst area. We realize that this will involve extra travel for many parents and children, but we’ll do our best to minimize that impact.

Soccer Coordinator Jake Barnes is currently finalizing teams and schedules and is looking for additional team coaches and referees. Contact him at 715-824-2145 or 715-498-2582 or It can be a lot of fun directing the kids in the fundamentals and everyone has a good time. With the lower grades (4K-5) being non-competitive, the jobs are not as hard as one might think and it’s an easy learning curve. Those who are more competitive could consider coaching one of the teams for grades 6-8. For added incentive, referees get paid for each game they oversee, while coaches are paid in scrip for their work.

Finally, we’re still in need of volunteers to help with the program. We need as many people as possible to help with all sorts of tasks; from field preparation and maintenance, to setting up and taking down materials at each game session, to helping serve ice cream at the end of the season.

We appreciate any and all help given in the past, and look forward to working with many of you this year.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your time (even if you don’t have children in the program), please give me a call at 715-824-5202 or email Thank you!

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