I’d Rather be Wright

By David Wright

Every now and then, it seems most appropriate to rev up the community on the merits of doing business with our local entrepreneurs. While this quiet burg, and its surrounds, has a pleasant reputation of making sure we circulate our hard-earned cash through the local economic system, there is always a need to make sure we do not forget.

While I will admit to being a down-home bumpkin who, in my many years, doesn’t necessarily enjoy trucking off to the distant shops; I thought I might reflect on keeping it local. Now, admittedly, as a member of the JCC board and a columnist, I have our Community Spirit newspaper in mind because we all know that the advertising coming from the local establishments drives this paper with revenue – yeah, I’m prejudiced.

In addition to striving to become really famous for my columns, I can’t help reflect how the Spirit paper does offer many news services and it is downright enjoyable to read about the merits of this lovely place – not to mention seeing the smiling faces of folks traveling the world round.

However, let’s get back to local businesses. What I find interesting with our advertising is the sheer number of participants we have. I might note that while much of printed media is contracting, we are still growing by focusing on the positive nature of our community – in part because, I suspect, we don’t really have many negative aspects. It seems to me that almost all of our local establishments do actively advertise with us and that commitment is greatly appreciated.

I also can’t help notice the unbelievable effort made by locals to contribute to the Falcon Pride project, with much of that coming from businesses. What it comes down to is, it takes all of us pulling together to make this area thrive and to do that we have to support these local businesses.

So, out of respect for this effort by our businesses, I am going into this concerted effort, or as some might say, the Wright Rage, to continue encouraging our citizens to keep it local. When I say that, I’m damn serious because, maybe for my own interest, I want to make sure this wonderful plane ride keeps going.

This means, when hunger strikes, consider the local options. It’s right here. We have great offerings ranging from a substantial selection of fruits and vegetables to a spectacular meat presentation at the local grocery. Don’t forget the artisan breads, and organic, locally grown meats at our specialty shop. For the dinner out, we have variety, burgers of profound imagination to gourmet offerings both in Amherst and Iola, all cooked by local food affectionatoes. (I even had cactus leaves a while back). Drinking establishments are filled with smiling faces, with most of those establishments booking local music performances.

The Brewery? What can I say? Music, robust conversation, the River Run, and winter celebrations...

We have builders as capable as can be found far and wide, all of whom present quality and honesty.

Plopped in the middle of town is a bank that has for over a hundred years taken care of our community – and I mean taken care.

Every imaginable service from fixing our furnaces to keeping our sewers running, to selling our properties, to building solar systems (not stars), are found right here in our immediate area. I am by no means hitting them all.

We have a hardware store that is immensely well stocked, and always willing to find whatever we need quickly. I mean, they have eco-friendly battery driven snow blowers! Also, it’s a great place to get the fishing news. And they have three sizes of minnows!

A few feet away we have a shop providing clothing celebrating our school’s achievements.

Plus, we can get in shape, and exercise ourselves (my wife says I could use some of that rather than the brewery!) at almost any time right here in town.

So there you go. That is my pitch and I’m sticking to it.

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