Collection of Photos and Stories from the July 20 Storm Damage

South Main Street, Amherst. Photo by Pastor Gretchen Anderson

by Sally Prideaux

The intensity of the July 20 storm was such that the Tomorrow River Valley Historical Society feels it should be archived for future generations. The Historical Society and Joanna Slattery’s English 12 class are requesting that local residents submit their photos and/or their stories on their outcome of the horrific the storm. The collection of photos and stories will be compiled for public viewing in both electronic and physical displays.

The harrowing July storm left many local residents, parks, businesses and churches with extreme damage, yet we were fortunate that there were no injuries or deaths due to the storm. We should be proud of our local residents and businesses, as they came together after the storm to care for their neighbors. People gathered together to clear roads, remove trees from homes and buildings, share their ice and generators, and most importantly, to make certain that others were safe. The physical damage can still be seen today in homes that are still awaiting repair, trees that are still downed, and the massive voids in our villages and the countryside where trees and forests once stood.

Your photos and stories can be sent to us through January 31, 2020 by

1.) URL,

2.) Tomorrow River Valley Historical Society, PO Box 213, Amherst WI 54406, or


When logging in through the URL address, the survey will appear for your entries. For the P.O. Box 213 and e-mail submission, please include your name, phone number, the property address of where the photo was taken, the story behind the photo, and e-mail address (if applicable), and if you are interested in being interviewed as part of the school project.

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