Amherst Fire Department Amid Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Amherst Fire District has had to modify a number of things that it normally does. One area that is always important is insuring operational readiness. The Amherst Fire Department is mandated by the State to conduct a minimum of four hours of training per month. This has not changed during the pandemic. The department has focused on using its Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment. As the weather has gotten warmer, the department has done additional training outside on hydrant use and pump operations. Training on Monday night, May 11, was a culmination of a number of previous topics. The 100 block of South Main Street was used as we seldom have the opportunity to work there when businesses are open. This was an example of taking advantage of the situation at hand and using it to better prepare the fire fighters.

Victor Voss

Amherst Fire Chief

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