Amherst Area Foundation Adds Three New Members

The Amherst Area Foundation Board, which oversees the Jensen Community Center,
added three new members to its board in 2017 and they were asked to give a brief
background and their vision for the Jensen Center.

Michael Toelle
Tomorrow River School District Administrator Toelle said he joined the board because,
“As a school administrator, I’ve had an opportunity to work with the Jensen Center staff
for many years. The school frequently uses the center to host activities. In my new role
as District Administrator, I want to continue to build a solid relationship between the
district and the Jensen Center. We’re neighbors and have a similar mission, so it’s
important to work together for everyone’s benefit.”

He added that his background in personnel management, leadership, and marketing, as
well as his business sense, gave him “a unique ability to bring together talent and
develop a sense of community. It also allows me to offer new perspectives to enrich the
Jensen Center environment and activities.
“The Jensen Center is a true asset to the community which can be used in so many
ways. The staff has done an excellent job creating a mission and advertising the Center,
but I still feel not everyone realizes what the Center has to offer and how it can be used.
“Creating and implementing a strong marketing plan is tops on my ‘to-do’ list. The
Center has so much to offer and should be used on a more regular basis. The best way
to increase use is to have a solid marketing plan.”

Holly Hurda
Hurda grew up in Amherst, attended UW-Oshkosh, and then lived in Green Bay for 13
years, where she was admissions director for three skilled nursing homes after a stint in
hotel sales and catering. She currently works for Heartland Hospice in community
relations. “Four years ago, my husband and I moved to Amherst when he was offered a
job by my dad and my brother at Groshek Farms,” she said. “We never expected that,
but are thrilled to be here permanently. Now that we’ve added two children to our family,
I want to invest my time and energy back into a community that has served me so well.”

With a communications degree, minoring in journalism, Hurda said, “Every part of my
career has centered around bringing people together to provide the best outcomes
Her vision for the Jensen Center focuses on it becoming “a gathering space for groups.
It is a nice facility for parties and meetings, right in our own backyard. I would like to see
the Jensen Center become a more popular community hub, with an increased variety
and frequency of social and educational events for all adults and children in our area.”

Rick Hollin
Hollin brings plenty of non-profit experience to the board. “I have served on a few
organizations that focused on giving back,” he said, “and I found that rewarding. My
non-profit experience was participating in the Optimist Club International, where I
served two terms as president for the local club and one term as Lieutenant Governor of
the Indiana district. I later joined the Bethesda House Board of Directors, which was a
transitional house for convicted men and women transitioning back into the community.”

Professionally, Hollin is a continuous improvement professional in paper packaging
products. He said his interest in the Amherst Area Foundation Board began “with my
participating in local activities. I believe the Jensen Center is a vehicle to bring our
community together, which I believe is the foundation on which our community is built.
“Amherst is a community willing to help others. Since I first came to Amherst, I’ve
considered our community the ‘Mayberry of the Midwest.’ The thought of being a part of
the Jensen Center, first as a committee member, and now as an active board member,
was generated by my desire to give back to the community and preserve the qualities of
our community that I value. My interest in serving on the board was to help provide
leadership and guidance for the Jensen Center.”
Hollin shares the views of his fellow Board members that “the variety of services offered
frequently get overlooked. The Center has a great theater, providing a great deal of
flexibility, several options for smaller meeting areas, and of course the large hall, which
can be used for a variety of functions, like wedding receptions, family reunions, awards
banquets, holiday parties, etc.
“I feel I can be a voice to help identify opportunities that we can use to engage the
community and bring the people together for a common cause. Giving back drives me,
and this is a great opportunity to do that. I am grateful to have been welcomed by the
Jensen Center board and employees that make it all possible.”

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