A Thank You Letter to Amherst

To whom it may concern:

Today is the five-year anniversary of Kayla Toelle's passing. In honor of her, I wrote a thank you letter to Amherst. It was then suggested to me that I submit it to the Spirit so everybody in our town could have a chance to read it. That being said, I am sending it in! Feel free to reach out with any questions or anything. 

Just thought I would share it.

Thank you,

Rachel Bandy


A thank you letter to Amherst, Wisconsin:

Thank you for your two gas stations-- the one where my mom gets free coffee after we buy gas and the one we’d walk to before middle school volleyball games.

And your one grocery store, where the good egg sandwiches are and the donuts my dad buys on a Sunday morning when he is too tired to make breakfast.

Thank you for Lake Emily where we’d wade in until the water hit our knees in September when the leaves on trees start to turn orange. And where we’d swim out to the buoys in June and try to climb on top of them only to fail and flop desperately into the water.

Thank you for a school with more pride and spirit than I’ll probably ever experience again, where every house on Main Street has a stake in their lawn, showing their pride in Amherst.

Thank you for our little county fair where beads of sweat grew on the back of our necks in July and where we’d stroll through the columns of cows, pigs, and chickens. And the rides that made our stomachs flip and flop and shuffle the insides all around and the beer tent where people dance and sing.

Thank you for the one post office and the coffee shop on the corner where we still meet our friends for lattes or smoothies during breaks from lives that took us away from here.

And the hill where we’d race our bikes down and slowly climb back up which seemed like forever and made our legs sore the next day.

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