A Fantastic Football Season

by Olivia Ligman

The Amherst High football team had another fantastic season this year. The boys ended the season 13-1, winning State for the 4th time in six years. Even though it’s the team’s third consecutive State title, it wasn’t easy, and it hasn’t gotten old.

The team started practicing back in August, and continued all throughout the season; working on drills, strength training, and running plays. The players practiced almost every day during the week constantly trying to improve and hone their skills.

During the season the team experienced only one defeat, losing a pre-conference game against St. Mary’s Springs, of Fond du Lac, by a single point. Victory came with all other games this season, continuing down the path of success that previous years have paved. This path ultimately leading them back to the ever-exciting Camp Randall.

This year’s State game was one to remember. Many spectators were in the stadium and cheering the teams on, watching Lake Country Lutheran go neck and neck with Amherst the entire game. It was an intense and exciting, albeit nerve wracking, game to watch. The first quarter passed with Marcus Glodowski scoring a touchdown, and Carter Zblewski with the field goal, earning Amherst seven points. Lake Country Lutheran having nothing going into the second quarter, came back in the second quarter, scoring two touchdowns and corresponding field goals. Amherst scored another touchdown in the second quarter, making the teams tied.

Everyone was cheering, and both teams entered the field fired up going into the third quarter, and both scored seven points. Fans were on the edge of their seats for most of the final quarter. The score was too close for any one team’s comfort. Amherst finally scored their final touchdown, pulling into the lead. As the clock ran out the victor was clear. Amherst defeated Lake Country Lutheran 28-21 at the end of a very entertaining and close game.

The entire team was filled with pride, joy, relief, and all the emotions natural at the accomplishment of a great goal. “This is amazing. It’s something special. We’re here and we have the gold trophy. I can’t even explain,” said senior left tackle Kyle Dombrowski.

“We kept our heads up... We kept fighting and I’m insanely proud of the guys,” said Glodowski, senior quarterback.

Head coach, Mark Lusic, was also immensely proud of his players. The community shares this pride along with the rest of the coaching staff, managers, volunteers, parents, etc. What are the chances of having a football team go to State three consecutive years in a row? The statistics don’t really matter, but the dedication and heart that the team and community put into the football program throughout the season are immeasurable and it really showed.

No one can know what next season will bring, but for now Amherst can bask in its victory and celebrate. Congratulations on a fantastic season Amherst football!

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